Troubleshooting Ocion Blue (Common Issues & Solutions)

Balancing the water in your pool or hot tub can be tricky. For many, it’s a seamless transition to Ocion Blue. For others, there are a few small bumps. This is because every pool/hot tub situation is different. There are different water sources and systems, and the age of the pool, hot tub, or equipment can be a factor.

Here are some of the most common issues we’ve helped Ocion Blue users navigate, and wanted to share with you in the case that you’re also experiencing them!

Cloudy Water

There are two reasons you might experience cloudy water: older pool/hot tub/equipment and lack of regular shocking. Older pipes generally have a build up of bacteria and other “gunk” as I like to call it that is resistant to chlorine and other sanitizers. When Ocion Blue gets into those pipes for the first time, it actually cleans them out, sending this nasty stuff into the water. Alternatively, body oils and other organic matter that we bring into the water could make it cloudy. The solution to both of these problems is using a non-chlorinated shock (regularly if you’re in the water daily) that will get rid of any of this “gunk” without raising your chlorine levels.

Copper Level Not Showing On Your Test Strips

Are you still using stain & scale control products in your water? If so, this product is designed to get rid of copper, therefore you’re essentially cancelling out the Ocion Blue if you use it with stain & scale. Don’t worry, you can skip the stain & scale altogether, since Ocion Blue is effective at keeping deposits from forming.


Most people experience foam in the hot tub; this is caused, usually, by an excess of residue from body oils, lotions, and other products we bring into the water. We highly recommend you and your guests rinse off before entering the hot tub, and to use a non-chlorinated shock to eliminate this organic matter from the tub.

Blue/Green Tinge to Water or Liner

We’ve only had a couple cases of this over the last two years, and it was due to too either too much Ocion Blue or chlorine being used. Ocion Blue works best when used with our copper test strips and mobile app so you know exactly how much product to add into your water.

A few recommendations worth mentioning:

  • We understand you may want to continue using bromine with Ocion Blue, and while you can use these together, most of our customers who have issues balancing their water no longer have the same issues once switching to chlorine.
  • Use stabilized chlorine shock or granules to keep your daily chlorine level at 0.5ppm. Use non-chlorinated shock to regularly break down body oils and keep the water from getting cloudy.
  • Keep your test strips in a dry location.
  • Always use our copper test strips (or test kit) and the Ocion mobile app to accurately administer your Ocion Blue.

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Happy swimming :)

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