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The only solution in Canada that allows you to reduce chlorine in your pool or hot tub by 90%, approved by Health Canada 

How does it work?

Ocion Blue is an organic bactericide algaecide that kills bacteria and algae in your water and prevents it from returning.

Because it does all the heavy lifting, you can cut your chlorine by 90% and use other water-balancing chemicals  75% less, because it keeps your water stable.

Its ionic copper formula makes it long lasting, great for swimmers who experience reactions to chlorine, and safe for the environment.

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Why You Should Switch to Ocion Blue

Long Lasting & Low Maintenance

Unlike chlorine, which starts to dissipate almost immediately, Ocion Blue is not affected by heat, sunlight, UV rays, or spa jets. Bottom line: if nobody's swimming in the pool, or soaking in the tub, there's no maintenance needed on your part. We have customers who opened their hot tub cover after 8 months of being away, and their chemical levels were still perfect (and there was no smell!).

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

So many of our customers could only soak in the hot tub or swim in the pool once a week, due to skin sensitivities or reactions to chlorine. Now, they are in the water daily! No more red eyes, itchy skin or respiratory issues, due to the strong and nasty effects of chlorine. Ocion Blue is safe and gentle on your most sensitive family members (including pets!).

Saves You Time & Money

Since Ocion Blue is long lasting, you'll spend more time in your pool or hot tub rather than maintaining it. Expect to also save money on water, liners, filters, covers, as well as opening and closing costs. 

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