Keep the bacteria, organisms, and algae out of your swimming pool and hot tub with Ocion Blue.

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Why You Should Switch to Ocion Blue

Apply It & Leave It

Ocion Blue is the perfect solution for your pool or hot tub at the cabin or short-term rental, because it requires much less maintenance. Unlike chlorine, when you apply our product and leave it, it’s right there when your guests remove the cover. Ocion Blue is not affected by heat, sunlight, UV, or spa jets, whereas chlorine and bromine burn off much faster. Customers who have closed their pool in the winter with Ocion Blue open it up every spring and it’s ready to go.

Gentle on Sensitive Skin

No more stinging eyes, skin rashes, or respiratory issues due to the strong and nasty effects of chlorine. Ocion Blue is safe and gentle on your most sensitive family members.

Save Money

With the costs of everything rising lately, you can’t afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on chlorine, only for it to dissipate the second you add it to your water. On average, Ocion Blue is half the price of chlorine. Not only does it reduce your need for chlorine by 90%, it also reduces your need for all other water balancing chemicals by approximately 75%. To give you a better idea, a 1L bottle will last the average hot tub user about 8 months.

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