Winterize Your Pool - A Guide

Ugh. Winter.

Just kidding, there are many positive aspects of winter, and I work hard every year to find the joy in the darker days and below freezing temperatures. But man, I sure start to miss summer quickly.


In my experience, most of my pool owner friends do too. Because they live for that hot weather, the sun beating down on them while lounging in the pool with a drink or book in their hand, and for the family gatherings that owning a pool brings, with all the laughter and smiles and good times.

There’s so much joy to experience in the summer, and when it’s time to think about closing the pool, it can be bittersweet. Or downright depressing (lol).

Luckily, owning an Ocion Blue pool means your winterizing process is going to be much simpler than before.

Prepare to close the pool

When it comes to OCion Blue, there’s only a couple things you need to do to prepare your pool for closing.

  1. Ensure your chemicals are balanced. Make sure your pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness are balanced to the levels provided on the handout you received when you ordered Ocion Blue.
  2. Get rid of any organic debris, such as leaves that might be floating on the surface or other dirt and bugs that have fallen to the bottom of the pool. Give your pool a good vacuum and skimming before adding Ocion Blue.

Apply 1.2ppm of Ocion Blue

The trick to keeping your pool protected over the winter isn’t actually a trick. Since Ocion Blue only gets used up when bacteria is introduced into your water, you’re going to add a bit extra of our product so that if (let’s be honest, WHEN) there’s stormy weather, you’ve got protection against things like leaves, branches, and other debris that fall into your pool.

If you’re not sure how much Ocion Blue to add to reach that 1.2ppm, give us a call. Or, you can take apply the product and then get your water tested at your local pool and spa retailer to see how much copper is present.

Monthly monitoring

If your pool is covered for the winter, there won’t be much for you to do this winter, except enjoy your pumpkin spiced lattes and eggnog from indoors. If your pool is uncovered, we highly suggest you check your Ocion Blue copper levels at least once a month to make sure they’re still around that 1.2ppm.

If your pool area is near trees, you might need to skim the pool once a month or remove any organic debris that has fallen in. Remember, Ocion Blue gets used up when bacteria is introduced to your water - that includes branches and leaves and such.

Easy spring opening

Because you’ve done the hard work (kidding, it’s not hard at all!) of closing your pool with Ocion Blue, you’re looking at a super simple opening. Your water should still be crystal clear, free of bacteria or algae, and ready to swim. A quick vacuum, rebalancing of chemicals, and cleaning out your filters/updating your pumps and pipes if they need it is all you need to do.

Ocion Blue makes the whole winterizing/opening process so much easier. Not to mention saving you money on equipment, chemicals, and other supplies.

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